Blame it all on my roots I love cowboy boots

Her boots often fit her personality or her lifestyle. A pair of boots that you can wear for 3-4 years so check out  these 2014 cowgirl chic Austin, Texas boot trends.

Fringe Cowgirl Boots

My personal favorite this year is the Women’s western ware with unique flare. You can find them in various colors,  the Double D Ranch Prescott Fringe Cowgirl Boots are sure to be a hit!



Frye Boots

A true working woman’s boot. You just can’t seem to go wrong with a unique pair of this seasons Frye boots.  They are durable and cute and offer styles for all kinds of personalities and lifestyles.

frye frye2


Swarovski Eagle Old Gringo


Forget glass slippers, this country princess wears boots. These are the most expensive but the most desired of all 2014 boots.  They offer them in short and ankle heights as well as different swarovski designs.

Lace Boot Socks

Lace boot socks are a newer trend that make for a perfect birthday or holiday gift. I mean come on, how many times do we actually head to the store to buy some really cool socks? If you know a hippie cowgirl looking to make a statement then you have found the perfect gift

There are so many styles to choose from: Here are three more popular lace boot socks.

Burgandy lace boot cuffs


Dainty Lace Boot Cuffs



Ivory Thick Lace Boot Socks